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We know you work hard to take care of your clients; we also know you want more paws coming through the door of your clinic. But, your job is important, and you don't have time to worry about your marketing or your website. That's where we come in - whether you want a custom veterinary website packed with features or marketing services designed to boost your client base and retain your existing good clients, or a mixture of both, our team is here for you.



2021 Digital Marketing Plan


We'll help you identify areas of potential improvement and growth, creating a personalised plan of action that's focused on delivering a strategy to meet your goals and needs.
Attract New Customers


We'll help connect you with your local pet owners, grabbing the attention of the clients you want to attract.
Convert Leads into Paying Customers


Once you've attracted your ideal client, we'll encourage them in your door and help turn them into regular customers through strategies, offers, and services.
Customer Retention Strategies That Work


Once you have regular clients, we'll help keep you as their preferred clinic; retaining their visits and encouraging an increase in purchase frequency.
Marketing Automation Tools


Our systems are built to streamline processes so they occur automatically, reducing costs and saving time, all while delivering effective results.
Vet Marketing Services
Online Marketing Services

Here's what we can help you with

  • Results-driven websites
  • Getting found on Google
  • Attracting high quality clients
  • Retaining existing clients
Our goal is to help you retain and leverage your
best clients, keeping your practice thriving.
Digital marketing is a critical element in ensuring your practice continues to thrive. You can utilise many strategies, including writing regular blog posts, adding content to your website, sending out e-newsletters or email campaigns, and using social media to engage with your existing clients.

Our Veterinary Marketing Services

Responsive websites

Veterinary Websites

Your online presence is super important. We specialise in results-driven websites; looking professional, standing out from your competitors and encouraging potential clients to take action is what we do best. A website is the first impression to prospective clients when they're searching for your services; let us help you stand out.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is at the forefront of how our websites are built, with features included to help boost your Google rankings and additional SEO services available to help further optimise & improve your website ranking, complete with transparent regular reporting.

Paid advertising services

Google Ads

Get seen by your potential customers at the very moment they are searching for the services your clinic offers in your location. We'll create, test, manage and monitor your ads for you.
Only pay for visitors to your website and choose your budget. 
Email marketing services

Veterinary Email Newsletters

Email marketing is excellent for sending newsletters or one-off campaigns for promotions. It can also be set up to automatically welcome new clients, send reminders, or make clients feel special with personalised birthday messages.
Social media management services

Social Media Management

Our local area marketing team can help you achieve your goal by cleverly growing your profile locally. We will also guide you on what you can do to improve your presence - everything from what you do, your patients, to the areas or locations you cover.
Content marketing services

Content Marketing

The intricacies of Google's algorithm are mostly a mystery, but we know that a website with engaging, in-depth content will rank higher in the search results and be of great value to your clients. Your website will also index for more searchable terms, helping potential clients find you more often.
Content marketing services

VIP Club Membership

A monthly subscription service that enables you to attract good quality clients that want to proactively look after their pets.  Proving you a good cash flow base of money each month.  Adding value to the pet owners, making it affordable to have regular checks, injections and more (you personalise the plan to suit your clinic.
Content marketing services

Personalised Marketing Plans

Each practice is unique with its offerings, marketing competitiveness, and services you want to grow within your business.  Our team will work with you to create a plan specific to your business.

We've helped these veterinary professionals
boost their online presence

Veterinary Marketing Services - Testimonials
Thanks team - we love working with you. A few years ago you came to our rescue and have been very proactive in guiding us ever since, doing exactly what is needed and delivering consistently great work. Because you cover it all we consider you an extension of our business.
Veterinary Marketing Services - Testimonials
The team at Vet Marketing Services delivered exceptional results for my small vet practice. They are certainly marketing experts for your business, setting up the technology, systems, and strategies to work together to deliver exponential results.

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