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The top 9 tips that you can do now, to help get your vet practice listed on the top of search results

The top 9 tips that you can do now, to help get your vet practice listed on the top of search results

When you search for a local company, you'll likely come across 1-3 ads at the top, followed by the local snack pack - the prime spot for local businesses! Why? Because 30-50% of potential customers click there. In today's competitive market, it's crucial to seize this opportunity and get your share of the audience actively seeking your products and services. And right now, every business should be doing what they can to get the biggest chunk of this active market. Are you ready to make the most of this thriving market?

Now a lot of people don't do enough to improve their chance of appearing here, but when you do, that is when you notice a surge of traffic and leads flowing your way (if you have your website set up right).

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, having an in-house team like ours can undoubtedly give your veterinary practice a competitive edge. However, the real game-changers are the vet practices who not only collaborate with us but also actively engage in the process themselves. By combining our expertise with their own dedication, they rise above competitors and achieve remarkable success, even in the most fiercely competitive markets.

The cost of not appearing prominently in Google search results is not just missed opportunities; it's the price of being invisible to your potential customers.



The clients we help that get there faster, and succeed in this area work with us, and do the following themselves.

  1. Find your Google listing for your veterinary practice on your phone within the Google maps app (process here). Previously, there was a dedicated 'Google My Business' app; however, it has been discontinued, and Google now encourages users to manage their business profiles through the Google Maps app.

  2. Take photos of your vet practice directly within the google maps app. You can take photos of the physical location, products, the interior of the practice, your team, patients, the waiting room etc. Taking the photos within the google maps app helps to verify the location.

  3. Generate as many reviews as possible (you have heard this before), but get them at a variety of destinations - this tells Google the areas you service.  If you are a mobile veterinarian, you can get your reviews from your clients at their home or premises (eg. have a QR code with the link to your review area on Google Business Profile.  We can help you find that, and produce the QR code for you).  Or if you are a Vet with a physical practice, you can call or email your happy clients and send them a link to do the review for you.

  4. Make sure you reply to every review, within 24 hours if not 12.  A lot of data suggests if you don’t reply then the review does not count.  Google wants to see that you are engaging with customers on a regular basis. But just as important, if someone has taken time to write a review you need to thank them with a personalised message.

  5. When sending your clients your address for their appointment, send them a Google Map link.  This when activated will also demonstrate to Google where your clients are coming from and the areas you service.

  6. Add your business to Waze (process here) .  As Waze is also owned by Google, by taking photos in the app, it also verifies the location of your business.  Please note they take this seriously, as there are lots of businesses falsifying their business and its location. The more you do this, the more Google is confident you are legit.

  7. Hire a Google verified videographer to do a 360, and then get them to upload what they produce (shows, where the photo was taken and because it has been done by a verified Google photographer it is seen of higher importance by Google  - note if you work from home, they can do a 360 video of your office and car etc)

  8. Register yourself for Bing Places (owned by Microsoft) - not only does it have its own traffic, but also Google trusts this listing.  Make sure you list your name, address and phone number (NAP) exactly the same as on your website, and your Google Business Profile listing.

  9. Like you add images to your social media, also add it to your Google Business Profile - regular content, like on your website, Google loves.  Also add a snippet for any new blog you add to your website, or useful page of content with link back, events etc  The more you use your GBP (regularity) and speed of reply (reviews, messages) the more Google will rank you in the local pack.

Final bonus tip, as much as you need to be involved and do the steps above... use a company like Vet Marketing Services that does this for a large number of clients, as we have learnt all the tips and tricks to getting results.  And by working together on these strategies, the faster the results you will get!

The above are just the tip of the iceberg of strategies of what you can do.  But trust me, 90% of these most of your competitors are not doing.  So if you start doing them, you are going to be steps ahead.  And if you are a local vet practice, that wants to keep growing.  These steps are just as important as turning up to work each day.

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