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7 Reasons Why Your Clinic Needs A Newsletter

7 Reasons Why Your Clinic Needs A Newsletter

The newsletter may seem like an old-school method of marketing, but with email marketing a key strategy in modern marketing campaigns, newsletters are still as relevant as ever.

With a newsletter, you can give your email list regular updates regarding your clinic, products and services on offer or valuable tips to help them with their pet. While a newsletter is not generally a direct sales tool,  they're effective ways to add value and communicate with your customers.

Email marketing generates on average $38 for every $1 spent and 77% of consumers say they prefer permission-based marketing from emails. If you're not implementing a newsletter within your email marketing, now's the time and here's why:

  • they're cost effective
  • they strengthen relationships with clients
  • they reach more people than other marketing methods
  • they provide valuable data

Reasons your veterinary clinic needs a newsletter

1) It's cost-effective

Newsletters are a fairly inexpensive yet effective addition to any marketing strategy. This is particularly true if you're already implementing email marketing and have a database marketing system in place. (If you don't, we can help!)

Customers are increasingly picky about what types of emails they allow through to their inbox - if they're already subscribed to you and in your database, they've given you a vote of confidence that they feel you're worthy of their time and energy. This saves you time and money, allowing you to build on your sales with current clients.

2) Strengthen client relationships 

Keeping in regular contact with your clients is crucial and a newsletter is a simple touch point

Your newsletter can be used to further your branding, motivate your customers to take action and add value to the relationship. It also shows your database of clients that you appreciate their loyalty to you by not simply forgetting about them after the first sale or purchase.

You're also able to work on establishing your credibility and expertise by providing bits of information, showing customers that you have the knowledge to provide solutions to their problems.

3) Reach more devices 

Regular communication with your clients keeps you at the forefront of their minds so it's important to reach them where they are; for many, that's on mobiles.

In 2019, mobile accounted for 61.9% of email opens - creating a newsletter is a simple way to keep touch points alive.

With your newsletter, it's a quick and easy source of communication straight to the mobile in the hands of your customers!

4) Communicate information professionally 

One of the core benefits of newsletters and email marketing is providing information in a professional manner; not only is the information valuable to the client but the email or newsletter template is designed to match your branding and authenticate your professional look.

Additionally, you don't have to force consumers to seek out information - you can deliver it to them directly, making the transfer of important news easier than ever.

5) Gain valuable data insights

Your newsletter can help you understand your audience better. The data from email marketing provides information relevant to performance indicators.

Newsletters can help you understand what does and doesn't work within your audience, as well as what offers or promotions they respond to with the most excitement.

Email marketing provides ample data that are performance indicators. These insights will help you craft your newsletters with content that better addresses the interests, needs and wants of your customer base.

This data is also valuable for other areas of your marketing such as blogs/content creation or social media posts.

6) Increase traffic to your website

Newsletters are an opportunity to link your audience directly to your website. Whether it's a hyperlink or a call-to-action button, sending your newsletter audience to your website can also improve your organic search engine optimisation.

7) Reward client loyalty

When your clients are signed up for your email updates, the hardest part is done. Their

subscription to your updates implies they're already interested in what you have to offer and want to be updated on your clinic.

Why not use this as an opportunity to reward them for their loyalty?

You can provide special offers (such as discounts) or announcements through your newsletters that reward your clients for remaining subscribed to you.


What sort of content can you promote through newsletters?

  • Upcoming sales, promotions
  • Special event details
  • Your latest website content or updates
  • Encourage them to participate in contests, fundraisers or events you're holding
  • Introduce new staff members

With these benefits in mind, now's the perfect time to get started with newsletters - a simple and effective addition to your email marketing strategy and overall marketing efforts.

If you're looking for assistance in getting started with newsletters or email marketing, learn more about our digital marketing services here or get in touch with us at (07) 5636 3766 or book a consultation today for more information.

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