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Top PPC Stats for Aussie Vets

Top PPC Stats for Aussie Vets

Google Ads aren’t just for big businesses. Your clinic can use them too.

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an undisputably valuable tool for digital marketing efforts. And trends developing from 2021 to 2022 show that it’s continuing to grow at a rapid rate.

Learn Reasons Australian Vets Should Be Using Google Ads. 

PPC is nearly 20 years old

PPC will celebrate its 20th birthday this year. It’s been a part of Google’s search results since 2022. Before that, digital marketers would spend per thousand impressions– which was far worse for small businesses.

There are billions of ads on Google seen every day, including big businesses, small businesses, and veterinary clinics. 

PPC stats relevant to Australian vets

If you’re not convinced that vets should be spending on Google Ads, or just love reading stats, take a look at the following points.

Google Ads (PPC) stats for Australian vets

  1. There are nearly 7,000,000,000 (seven billion!) Google searches each day

  2. The average PPC return on investment is 200%-- meaning every dollar spent on PPC by your clinic, the average return would be $2.

  3. Google sees more than 92% of global search engine traffic

  4. Over 50% of ad clicks occur on mobile devices like phones and tablets.

  5. PPC strategies can generate twice as many visitors to your clinic’s website as SEO can.

  6. Nearly all marketing efforts include PPC strategies (96%). 

  7. 62% of marketers boosted their PPC budget last year (2021).

  8. Digital ads (including PPC) make up more than half of global ad revenue

Social media PPC for Australian vets

  1. Nearly all Instagram users (92%) choose to ‘follow’ a brand, check out a website, or make a purchase (or booking) after clicking an ad.

  2. The global average time spent on a social media platform is 40 minutes per session (probably spent looking at cute animal videos and pictures).

  3. The average Aussie spends nearly a third of their time online on social media.

  4. 80% of Aussies use social media.

  5. The most popular social media platform in Australia is YouTube at 78.2% using it. It’s closely followed by Facebook at 77.5%.

Most Australian vet clinics use Instagram and Facebook, and many invest in PPC strategies to target pet owners in the area.

How to set up a PPC strategy for your vet clinic

You can set up a PPC campaign on both social media and Google by boosting posts with calls-to-action and by creating a Google Ads account. 

Not sure where to begin? 

We’re helping a bunch of Australian vets like yours to create PPC campaigns and ad strategies that to help generate the return on investment that they want to see.

We can help you to:

  • Analyse your local market and target the right audience

  • Write the words

  • Create custom-made images

  • Schedule campaigns and evaluate the success

Learn more about Paid Advertising Services.

Or, if you’re a bit tired of reading after making it through all those stats, we’re always up for a chat.

Contact us online or call Vet Marketing Services at (07) 5636 3766. 

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