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Making Your Own QR Code and Ways to Use it

Making Your Own QR Code and Ways to Use it

QR Codes for Vets, making and using them

Marketing and convenience

The growing popularity of QR codes didn’t miss vet marketing strategies. And as more people learn how to use them, more vets are using them in their clinics.

Not only are they a great way to effectively market your veterinary practice, but they can also make the lives of your clients (and their furry patients) and your reception team substantially more convenient. 

How to make QR codes for your clinic

QR codes are simple enough to make with a bunch of free online QR code generators. 

And, if you’re looking for trustworthy sources, Google itself has a guide on creating QR codes using the Google Chrome browser that we recommend. 

Steps to make your own QR code

  1. Prepare the URL you want your QR code to link to when scanned.

  2. Copy it, and supply it to your chosen generator.

  3. Save the QR code then use it in your marketing and promotional material.

  4. OR, print it and use it in your clinic.

If you’d like help creating your own QR code, contact us.


Creating a Vet QR code using your web browser:

1) Click the "share" button at the top of your browser

Step 1 Make a Vet QR Code


2) Select "Create a QR Code"

Step 2 Make a Vet QR Code


3) Save your new QR code

Step 3 Make a Vet QR Code


8 Ways to use QR codes in your veterinary practice

1. Direct clients to your list of services on your website

Have some amazing services you offer that clients should know about? You can generate your own code and display it in your clinic’s reception for clients to scan while they wait. Some ideas of services you can link to include:

  • Grooming services

  • Pet dental health

  • Pet physiotherapy and recovery

  • Microchipping

  • Vaccinations

2. Make a phone call

While your clients won’t need to call you from your clinic, you can have business cards that feature QR codes that link to phone calls.

Or, as another idea, you could use a QR code on a vaccination document so your clients can easily book appointments when they’re next due. 

3. Link to booking pages

Do you have a functional booking page for your veterinary practice? One with specific forms that link to your reception’s booking systems?

That’s great. You can generate QR codes linking to these pages in your clinic to encourage your clients to book their next appointments and save your reception team valuable time. 

4. Link to patient care or pet health advice

Will your client’s pet need to follow a recovery plan to ensure they get better? It can be complicated for your clients to remember all the careful instructions they’ll need to follow, but, using QR codes, you can create easy-to-find and follow care plans. 

The only thing your client will need to do is scan the code using their phone, and they can follow the provided instructions there.

5. Link to leave a review

Did you know that reviews help your vet’s SEO score? One of the hardest parts of generating more reviews for veterinary clinics is the asking. 

You can make it a whole lot easier and less awkward for both you and your clients by including QR codes on business cards, on receipts, or on the doors to exit your clinic. The QR codes could link to your Google reviews or Facebook, where customers can give your star rating and mention the best parts of your services. 

6. Link to make a payment

Does your clinic accept online payments as well as in-clinic? Then you’ve got another opportunity to use your QR codes. 

Paying their bills is often the least enjoyable part of your client’s experience. But, you can make it a little bit easier by using QR codes that link to your online payment portals.

7. Link to make a pet insurance claim

Like payments, you can use QR codes to link your clients to lodge their claims with their pet insurance providers. 

This one can be a little bit more difficult with the number of pet insurance providers available, but, you can generate a few for the main ones.

8. Repeat medication requests

If your clinic offers repeat medication requests, you can generate an individual QR code specific to the patient’s care plan. Then, supply your client with the QR code and they can easily scan it each time their medication supply is running low and order it through you.


Other ways to create repeat clients and find new ones

Keeping your clinic busy isn’t hard with the marketing tips relevant to veterinary professionals. Continue building your clinic’s marketing strategies with unbeatable social media ideas and following a content plan.

For helping hands getting paws through your veterinary clinic’s doors, contact us online or call the Vet Marketing Services team on (07) 5636 3766. Our Gold Coast office is open 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays for free consultations and advice for your digital marketing, SEO, and advertising needs. 

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