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See Your Website From a Different Perspective

Posted on 11 September 2019
See Your Website From a Different Perspective

When was the last time you took an objective look at your website's home page and design?

When it comes to website design and functionality, user experience (also known as UX) matters. Like most things in today's world, both online and offline, websites are subject to design trends and changing technology. Simply put, what looked great online and worked well 3 years ago, may not be doing your veterinary practice justice today. A poorly designed website, or one that looks out of date, is slow to load, difficult to navigate, or limited in content, can be the deciding factor in whether someone chooses your veterinary practice or goes to one of your competitors! These things are critical because people will form an opinion about your business based on their perception and experience of your website.

Here's a quick checklist of some of the things you should check on your website

  • Is it mobile responsive? i.e does it resize to fit correctly on a mobile phone? Test your website here using the Google Mobile-Friendly Test.
  • Does your website look modern or does it look out of date?
  • Do you have an easy to locate contact page?
  • Are your phone number and address prominently displayed?
  • How does your website compare with your competitors in design, looks, and features? What do their sites have that yours doesn't?
  • Does your website include relevant and helpful content for all your services?

Make your first online impression count because you might not get another chance!  

At Vet Marketing Services, we keep up with technology and we're constantly reviewing modern design standards. We can help you design and build a mobile responsive website that reflects your practice and helps you stand out online. Contact your local internet consultant today.
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