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5 Requirements For Any Veterinary Website

5 Requirements For Any Veterinary Website

Starting with custom-built websites

Vet Marketing Services designs websites for veterinary clinics. We’ve been in the industry for over 15 years and our team has designed literally hundreds of websites for small Australian businesses and veterinary clinics.

Over our years in operation, we’ve pinpointed the five most important features of website design for vets and know the most important things to put on your website.

To make it a bit easier for vets looking to create websites using a marketing agency, we’ve compiled a list of requirements for a veterinary website, as well as a bunch of other features that will help you fill bookings and keep paws coming through your doors.

So, whether you're making your own site, or looking for someone to help you, here are the most important features to get started.


What should vet websites have: what your website needs

At the least, veterinary websites should have the following pages:

  • Home page

  • About us

  • Contact us

  • Services Page

  • Online bookings

Do you remember the 5 W’s? Well, Vet Marketing Services list these as ‘must haves’ because they fill all five: Who you are, what you can do, when you can help them, where your clinic is, and why they should choose you. And for a bonus, how you can help using your services.

Home page

Your home page is probably the most common landing page for vets. To avoid losing potential clients here, your home page should:

  • Show clients who you are by establishing your brand identity

  • Direct clients to where they can learn more about you and your services

  • Have SEO optimised content with headlines, supporting written content and imagery

  • Make it easy for them to take the next step - call you, book, enquire.  And if not ready right now, capture their email details to receive your newsletters and promotions.

About us

For vets, an about us page is more than just selling products and services. It’s an opportunity to show your clients your compassion for their pets and a chance to share the history of your veterinary surgery or clinic.

Don't underestimate the power of this page, as precious as their pets are to them - they will check this page out to make sure, you, your team and practice is one they want to come to.

We’d recommend to vets that their website’s about us page does the following:

  • Explains the history of their vet clinic (years in operation, why it was built)

  • Tells clients a little bit about their team and what veterinary specialties they can offer.  Even show off the teams own pets, or interests (to personalise it more).

  • Displays some services that can be provided

  • Says where your clinic is

Contact us

Your contact page is undoubtedly the most important page on your website. It tells your clients how to contact you and where they need to take their pets. Your contact page should contain:

  • Your address

  • Your contact number

  • Your open hours

  • Links to your social media pages

Vet Marketing Services includes integrations with Google Maps to make it a little easier for clients to find you. They can easily click the map, send the directions to their mobile devices and hop in the car. 

We also have built-in form integrations so customers can send messages to your clinic with their contact information.


Of the veterinary websites we’ve created and actively manage for SEO, the services page is one of the most visited. Tracking paths of website visitors, usually people confirm that the service they need is offered by the vet.

The most important feature of a services page on a veterinary website is a call to action (CTA). That’s because when a client finds the service they’re looking for, they can quickly click it and book their appointment with you.

Your services page should include:

  • A list of services you offer (include synonyms for clients that know services by different names, like dental cleaning and teeth cleaning)

  • Your point of difference (specialised equipment or staff)

  • Links to book appointments or to call your clinic

  • As a powerful bonus, adding FAQ's to answer the common questions they may have.

Online booking page for vets

This can be a bit of a  tough one to build, but our website designers can help you put it together with custom forms and integrations. Your online bookings page for your vet should:

  • Include your open hours (possible booking times)

  • Be updated to fit public holidays and special events

  • Include contact information for those that prefer to call instead of booking online


Website Tips for Vets: How you can boost visitors and bookings


A bit back on the page, we mentioned that most website visitors read vet services on websites. We should also mention that one of the most important or influential factors of a veterinary clinic’s website is the quality of the reviews received. 

If you’ve already read How to Get More Google Reviews For Your Clinic, you might have some great reviews on your Google Business Profile. 

If your website has review integration, you can display these reviews front and centre on the reviews page of your website. It makes it easier for your clients to pick the right vet for their pet.


You’re not new to the marketing game, you’re reading marketing blogs. You’ve probably heard or read a fair bit about SEO already, and you may have even started implementing an SEO strategy for your vet.

That would be brilliant because SEO is one of the most important features of a website for veterinary clinics. It helps clients find you using location, keywords, and by searching the services you offer.

Some of the quickest and easiest ways to boost your veterinary clinic’s SEO include:

  • Implementing a keyword strategy

    • Adding more (relevant) content to your website pages like listing more services you offer

    • Starting a veterinary blog

  • Connecting your website to social media

  • Adding links between site pages and optimising them

Learn our top 6 SEO strategies for Veterinary Practices that get results.

Curious to test if your website is up to scratch?

For a free consultation on your veterinary clinic’s website contact us. We can run through your pages and provide insight into your digital marketing strategy. We also offer SEO audits to take a look into your website’s technical errors and improvements and compare your stats to your competitors.

Contact us online to book a consultation or give us a call between 9 am to 4.30 pm on Monday to Friday (AEST) at (07) 5636 3766, and we’ll give you a hand.

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